In-House Anger Management Certification Training

Are you interested in implementing an anger management program in your agency? Private and semi-private training is offered as an option for companies and agencies interested in getting at least 7 of their staff members certified in anger management. The private training is beneficial to gain ideas on how to best customize the program for the specific clientele. Several agencies can unite to share the cost of the training, and invite a Certified Anger Management Specialist to train their staff. This is a great option to keep the training closed to only 2 or 3 agencies, and to permit for discussion pertaining to their specific clientele.

The semi-private training is a great option to help share the cost with other attendees.

Private Anger Management Certification Training
Private training provides the opportunity for counselors and staff to be trained and knowledgeable around anger management. The fee will vary depending on the number of registrants and supervisors needed from the AME team. Private training for in-person requires lodging accommodation by the inviting agency. Event room and refreshments are offered by the inviting agency.

Semi-Private Anger Management Certification Training
1. Anger Management Essentials provides the virtual meeting space
2. Limited to 7 registrants from the agency ($875 per employee).

Add anger management services to your program. Call Anita at (818) 426-2495 to learn more about the anger management certification options. Get your staff certified in anger management soon and add anger management to the list of services your agency provides.

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